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You deserve the time

to untangle.

Tangled Limbs llc

Clinical Bodywork for Trauma


Mission Statement

It is my passion to provide an affordable clinical massage therapy in a comfortable, safe space; tailored to the unique experience of diverse individuals with Generalized Anxiety, Complex PTSD, ADHD, Migraine, Hypermobile Spectrum Disorders (ie. Ehlers Danlos), and other conditions associated with trauma. 

My intention is to help clients manage and minimize chronic pain, headaches, and other physical manifestations of

trauma such as touch aversion, sleep disturbances, constipation, disassociation, and fatigue. I use integrated modalities

to untangle muscle and myofascial fibers that have been burdened by a history of social, domestic, or sexual trauma; narcissistic abuse, abrupt life transitions, or school/workplace bullying.

It is my commitment to contribute to an individual's journey of managing long-term trauma impacts on mind and body.

It is my purpose to be a bridge that delivers your path over the torrential waters that occasionally get in the way of

your forward momentum.

It is my hope you will take the time for yourself to untangle, so you can "live" a meaningful life of your own design.

TRAUMA MASSAGE a detail-oriented, clinical yet sensitive, consent-based approach to massage therapy to treat the physical manifestations of trauma. It begins with a thorough intake assessment to identify bio-mechanical sources of pain and discomfort. Treatment is applied using various approaches from Neuromuscular Technique and

Myofascial Release to Cranial and lymphatic work. A flexible pace, experience with trauma, and attention to sensitive details with patience and compassion is what sets this bodywork apart from standard massage treatments. This is not; however, a replacement for treatment with a certified mental health professional; it is an effective supplement.


...and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders

are groupings of connective tissue conditions related to collagen deficiency that impact function and stabilization of soft tissue, joints, gut, organs, blood vessels and nerves; and
cause a spectrum of system-wide daily pain

and anxiety. Trauma massage can be an effective accompaniment to other treatments of these conditions

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This pandemic has been a trying time for all, but some more so than others.

Tangled Limbs llc is committed to remaining informed about the circulation of infectious diseases to protect clients and their family members that  are immune-compromised.

Tangle Limbs llc respects science and adheres to the most cautious guidelines established between professional, local, federal and scientific authorities.

Your massage therapist will inform you
of procedures that are in place during
your phone interview.

An infectious disease screening by phone will be administered to appropriately determine an appointment time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.


In studies, massage therapy for children and adolescents has shown significant efficacy in lowering cortisol levels and increasing levels in dopamine to improve mood, social anxiety, and concentration.

Massage has been shown to decrease depression, post-traumatic and behavioral anxiety, sleep problems, hyperactivity, and soft tissue pain.

Results also showed measurable improvement in immune function, gastrointestinal problem, constipation, hypertonicity, and behavioral conduct; as well as notable increases in cognitive function and attentiveness

"...pediatric massage therapy has led to significant improvements in many clinical conditions and has warranted its place as a complimentary therapy."

--National Institute of Health


Complex PTSD...

... is a form of PTSD derived from repeated traumatic events over long periods of time. Symptoms include but are not limited to emotional dysregulation; feelings of disassociation, worthlessness, shame, and guilt; social anxiety and inability to connect or bond with others; as well as relationship dysfunction and trouble keeping friends and partners.

Some causes of Complex PTSD are narcisstic/emotional abuse

from family members, friends/peers, co-workers, or employers; childhood neglect/foster care instability, physical/sexual abuse,

or repeated bullying.

According to the Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute, 

massage therapy can provide relief from physical, emotional, and mental stress and decrease levels of depression, anxiety, irritability,

and other symptoms associated with trauma exposure (Collinge, Kahn, & Soltysik 2012).

Massage is particularly relevant to trauma because traumatized individuals live in a state of hyper-vigilance which maintains a

chronic and harmful high level of stress hormones like Cortisol. Massage therapy has shown to decrease these levels while increasing Serotonin and Dopamine hormone levels which are associated with a positive elevation of mood (Field, Hernandez-Reif, Diego, Schanberg, & Kuhn, 2005).

"Massage therapy can also help to increase circulation, relieve some physical pain, and relax tensed muscles (Price, 2005).

This relaxation can enable traumatized people

to let go of their fight or flight stress response

and attain a calmer state of being,

which can be helpful both in therapy

and in navigating daily life

(Hatayama, Kitamura, Tamura, Nagano, & Ohnuki, 2008)."

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